Previous Work

Previous Work (1960-2000)

From the artist:

From the beginning of my practice my model has been to embrace a broad spectrum of my life experiences.  This is why there is such variety of imagery.  The approaches have been observation, memory, and invention.  I believe my sensibility is evident throughout this work and into my recent work.  You will see images of birth, death, love, war, peace, allegories, political/social, life models, eroticism, still-life, abstraction & improvisation, nature, and city life.  

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1990 - 1999

"Ideas divide and forms reunite. Maybe ideas wound you and forms heal you. Painting is what remains of a magical activity of comprehension and acceptance of the world through forms." -Francesco Clemente

The Oil Spill Pelican painting below is partially based on a black and white photograph by Edward Weston.


"Style is the weight of what you are." - Francesco Clemente


"What makes art vital is not (only) innovation - which only a handful ever bring off - but the range and quality of the individual imagination. " - Stanley Crouch