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James Burpee Book l Paintings and Drawings 1960-2004

Paintings and Drawings 1960-2004

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The book is 9 x 11 1/2 inches, with 227 color reproductions, 24 black and white reproductions, and essays by the artist and Robert Berlind.

James Burpee; Paintings and Drawings 1960-2004 is the first comprehensive survey of this prolific artist’s work. It was published in conjunction with a retrospective exhibition at the California Building Gallery in Minneapolis which took place on January 15, 2005

The book is lavishly illustrated with 227 full-color reproductions that capture the luminous color, skillful drawing, and formal strength of Burpee’s work. Accompanying many of the images are his commentaries revealing motivations, practices, and strategies in the work.

The book includes a lively essay by the highly regarded New York painter, writer and teacher, Robert Berlind. Two essays by former students speak of Burpee’s teaching influence as well as his work.

His work is infused with echoes of traditional and modern painting masters, intense responses to personal experience of all kinds, social concerns, and allegorical statements. While wide-ranging in image and approach, time spent with the images will confirm the unity of Burpee’s sensibility.

Throughout his career Burpee has applied his visual intelligence, independence, and integrity to a unique body of work that should appeal to lovers of painting, professional artists, and students of painting.

From the beginning Burpee has deliberately explored diverse painting genres. There are studio nudes, portraits, personal allegories, socially critical themes, abstractions, and various sorts of landscape-nature paintings.
— Robert Berlind